Tuesday, 7 February 2012

3-D CAD Data: Stonehenge

The Heavens' Henge and Solarsphere project started with research into obscure methods of solar energy concentration. On finding that these ideas appeared to be duplicated in neolithic monuments, I wrote a novel with some non-fiction content. However, all of the engineering ideas are real, have been tested, prototyped and witnessed as working by independent bodies (eg journalists). All the coincidences have been verified and double-checked against a very large set of published archaeological evidence.

Update: An explorable google-earth 3-D CAD model is available on this web page.

This post gives a simplified CAD (dwg 2010) model of Stonehenge (file requires AutoCAD 2008 or similar). This drawing file was originally produced for an article for The Institution of Civil Engineers and contains:
  1. Model Data
  2. Copyright data (layout 1)
  3. Layered views of Summer, Winter and Equinox (layouts 2 to 4)

The model data looks like this as a 3-D projection:

To make an image for The Broken Stone and the secret of the Heavens' Henge, I hid some of the construction and mechanism layers:

Then hid some unwanted structure:

Before rendering the image:

If you're interested in the Heavens' Henge concept, this drawing file is useful for:
  1. Checking if the polar axes of the 3 holes in Stone 54 at Stonehenge do intersect
  2. Checking if spherical collection spheres fit within Stonehenge's inner Sarsen horseshoe
  3. Checking where the mirror spheres (produced by collector spheres) occur
  4. Checking if the mirror spheres match Stonehenge's Bluestone and Sarsen rings
  5. Checking if the drop-line really does align with Stonehenge's inner horseshoe
  6. Checking if Stonehenge's Trilithons are set for each fitting level of the three polar axes
The model has been modified to take into account differences in location of stones noted by Anthony Johnson in Solving Stonehenge. I'll provide the model data in other formats when time.


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