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Prediction & Preseli: A hypothesis

This post runs through the hypothesis that the Preseli Hills may have been used to find out the size of our world. 


The shaped bluestones of Stonehenge can be assembled to create a system that can measure the size of the world. This hypothesis looks at the evidence that this may have happened in Preseli and that those stones were then transported to Stonehenge to commemorate that achievement. The hypothesis is separate from the main 'geocentric' hypothesis of this blog (that Stonehenge is a simple model of the Earth and its Cosmos).

The idea starts with two hills; Feddau and Eryr (as seen from Waun Mawn below):

These two hills can be seen to poke above the horizon when seen from the other:

This happens because those two hills happen to be the same height and both have unobstructed views for great distances. This means that higher mountains to the east do not raise the horizon due to the curvature of the Earth. This topographical combination is very unusual. 

The monument building at Preseli may have started with someone noticing that each hill is above the other when seen from the opposing hill: The two hills are linked by an easy walk along the ridge of this range.

Measuring the world's size using Stonehenge's bluestones:

Context & Detail:




The shaped bluestones of Stonehenge can be assembled into a device that can establish what the size of the world is. That system would only work at a handful of locations. One of those locations is at Preseli; near Waun Mawn.

1) Waun Mawn: 

Two or more outliers may exist at this location. Professor Mike Parker Pearson has found an arc at Waun Mawn; Waun Mawn directly faces Feddau and Eryr. If the intention of this arc was to show how the world's size can be found out, two or more outliers may exist to the east and west of the arc. The outliers allow a guide to explain how the Earth's size will be found.

A similar set of ancient outlier earthworks exists near a similar ancient arc next to another British location (South Downs) that has a similar set of ancient earthworks also arranged in a manner that would allow the Earth's size top be measured.   This prediction is based on the idea that the logic of Waun Mawn may have been copied elsewhere:

2: Foel Eryr: 

Just below and North of Eryr, there is the remains of what appears to be a stone row to (on a plateau known as Cerrig Llandron). The line of that row continues towards Foel Fach. Roughly half way between Fach and Eryr a second more substantial set of stone-holes might be found (the reasoning and location are in more detail below). There are unlikely to be a large number of stone holes because the initial process (of finding out the world's size using the Llandron ridge) is more easily done using temporary flags and signals. A placement of a line of stones would only be there as a guide:

3: Foel Feddau or Cwmcerwyn:

Unusual 'dogleg' monument footprint (Feddau) or circular monument (Cwncerwyn). This would be a “Proto Stonehenge”. There are two other potential locations (eg Eryr), so ground scanning would be needed in advance.

There are four possible locations for this equipment: Feddau, Eryr, Cwmcerwyn and one other that is less obvious (and much less likely). Each location has different topography and this would slightly change the design layout of any stones placed to do the job.

4: Foel Feddau:

The existing monument at this location may have unusual below-ground features in the immediate vicinity. The reasoning for this is probably a bit too convoluted to be worth going into on the blog:

5:  Carn Ingli to Carreg Coetan:

If the same method was used as appears to exist at the South Downs, then a series of smaller markers, perhaps stones, may exist leading up to Carningli showing the best route. The known Neolithic monuments in the immediate area exist along this line; the prediction is that there would be more:

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  1. The sun is round. The moon is round. Both clearly orbit the earth in a circular pattern. Both appear and disappear on either horizon at predictable intervals. Ergo: The Earth is also round.
    Your method is most likely how they went about proving the hypothesis.