Sunday, 11 December 2011

Renewable Energy & Sustainability

The Heavens' Henge and Solarsphere project started with research into obscure methods of solar energy concentration. On finding that these ideas appeared to be duplicated in neolithic monuments (particularly Stonehenge), I wrote a fictional novel containing some non-fiction appendices.  However, all of the engineering ideas are real, have been tested, prototyped and witnessed as working by independent bodies (eg journalists).  

All the coincidences have been verified and double-checked against a very large set of published archaeological evidence.

Latest news (2013):
The ideas were published as a paper (late 2012) in an archaeological forum. Following this, an expanded non-fiction booklet "Stonehenge: Solving the Neolithic Universe" was produced. Reviews of this were very positive. For example: ‘‘Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in Stonehenge.’’ (Reviewer for The Megalithic Portal.)
The booklet is now being reviewed by several professors of archaeology: To date, only positive comments have been received. For example: ‘‘I do agree with you that the basic structure of Stonehenge is essentially a working model of their cosmos/perceived Universe.’’ (Professor of Archaeology: UK, February 2013. Details to follow when comments collated.)
The booklet is now the #1 best selling book about Stonehenge in the USA. More details here

The first few sets of coincidences were described in 2011:

If a connection exists between renewable energy and our distant past, is it possible that the connection could have a beneficial impact on the way renewable energy is seen?


CAD 3D models (.dwg files) are available here. If there would be interest in seeing more of this type of data, particularly anyone involved in sustainability or renewable energy, please post a comment below (and forward this page link to anyone you think would be interested).


  1. PS If there's no significant interest, we'll remove this post in the new year.

    If there is interest in the drawing format, it would also be useful to know what type of drawing files you can view (eg Autocad, Google Sketchup and so on)

  2. Yes, Interested.
    Not all Humans have access to, or can read CAD. Mortals such as myself have to rely on tired old methods such as Adobe PhotoShop CS-5. If there were a way to convert some of the CAD data into PSD, Acrobat, or even JPEG it would go a long way in 'Spreading-the-Word' so to speak.
    Keep up the good work, Jon!

  3. Thanks for the comment Neil

    It's difficult for anybody looking at this blog to know the extent of research and whether or not to take it seriously. The extent of coincidences are so large that the association with Stonehenge might help to give a publicity leg-up to the renewables industry? (over here we've just had all the allowances, known as FIT, cut back).

    On the other hand, they may not be interested: For me to prepare the data to a high enough standard to allow fast review and 100% certainty that everything said in this blog is true, they would need CAD models, extracts from all the archaeological references, why those are relevant and a simple trimmed but technically detailed description.

    You already know that all the data is verified; you're the only person who knew enough about the archaeological detail of Stonehenge to have picked up on the angle of the Heelstone and its original counterparts! My guess is that it would be a lot more work to compile the information for people with no background in the study of Stonehenge's archaeological data: If it wasn't done to a high enough standard to suit their needs, they couldn't have 100% confidence?

    If there's no interest at this stage, I'll probably only do a cut down version: Adobe would be good, but last time I tried it, the conversion from .dwg (CAD) format didn't work too well.

    All the best


  4. You have done all the work and lost a lot of sleep in the excitement, fretting and sweating. YOU are convinced and are now seeking a reason your idea may not be true. Smart plan. My (unsolicited) advice would be to sell it from both ends, as they say. Keep the CAD files for the academics, but flatten the layers and convert to JPEG to present the theory to the less technical-minded people who would like to know more.
    I don't have to remind you that you're bucking some serious headwind when you claim to have 'figured out' no less an iconic edifice than Stonehenge. Some have strong alternative ideas with their own set of proofs; others have no idea and wish to keep it that way based on a need to preserve the Ages-Old Mystery.
    Present the idea with every shred of evidence you have to the Powers-That-Be, but at the same time write a semi-breezy article for a mainstream magazine. (There's a certain American gent available to help with that part. lol!)
    Sell your conviction with the hard facts delivered with an even hand and people will begin to listen.
    Best wishes.

  5. Thanks Neil

    I will be in touch!



  6. PS: I think this post might detract from the overall story of the site. Worth doing, and asking the question, but maybe it shouldn't be here?

  7. If every country support this resources, i think for somehow we conserve power energy.

  8. We already have energy for those who truly believe in catastrophic climate change. In much of the West you can buy green power. Also in many places you can be subsidised to put solar panels on your roof to save your hell of money.

  9. This is a great project. Have you tried crowdfunding for it? I'm sure many will be interested with the project. This is a great way to optimize and use solar electricity.

    1. I haven't tried that as yet. After the post above, the Megalithic Forum asked me to put together a paper on it and this subsequently got expanded into a small non-fiction booklet. There's an extract of this which can be picked up below:

      Stonehenge: Solving the Neolithic Universe Chapter 1

      Reviews of this by archaeological interest groups have been exceptionally good to date but, because of the subject matter, it's been a bit too 'out there' for anyone who does not know Stonehenge very well. As of this week, there appears to be serious archaeological interest.

      Stonehenge may have been the world's first solar concentrator. If it was, there's the possibility of a huge link-in with renewable energy today. I don't know if it's enough to change public perceptions, but it could help.