Friday, 16 March 2018

Impact of a Geocentric Stonehenge on A303

This post is intended to look at some thoughts on why a discovery relating to a past scientific, rather then Druidic or religious, use for Stonehenge would affect its value: Value arguments are used in the current A303 scheme to justify the construction of a short tunnel.

A patent showing what Stonehenge could have been used for will shortly be granted under serial number GB2486636. This will replace the pending application number GB1021215.7
Information on what this patent application is can be found here:

The book (Stonehenge: Solving the Neolithic Universe) explains the application in more detail.

If Stonehenge were the first statement of scientific consensus about the Cosmos and our place in it, then the A303's Contingent Valuation Study (CVS) would have a different outcome were the respondents to have known about it. The CVS was used to justify the tunnel option: Therefore a change in its outcome could require the CVS, and thus the tunnel scheme, to be re-evaluated.

Only archaeological specialists in the monument (Stonehenge) would be considered expert enough to make the determination on whether or not it was that first statement.
The questions asked of the public can be found here:
and here:

A list of current SSSIs in Wiltshire can be found here:

Responsibilities that would attach to a new SSSI designation can be found here:

This post may get updated regularly to make it clearer

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